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Committees & Councils

The Academic Senate operates as a legislative body and also a system of 23 appointed committees run by and for the faculty.  It functions chiefly through these committees as well as through elected officers and a Legislative Assembly.

Login for Senate Committee & Council Members (SSO Required)

Ad Hoc Committees and Taskforces are formed on an as-needed basis

Committee Service: If you are an Academic Senate member and have an interest in serving on an Academic Senate committee, please take a moment to indicate your preferences for service on our Committee Volunteer Form.

By actively participating in Senate Committees, we ensure that academic and administrative decisions are informed and enriched by broad faculty input. Thank you for your interest in shared Faculty Governance.

Policy on Appearances before the Board and Committees

At its meeting held on February 26, 2004, having received input and a recommendation from the Chairs of Senate Standing Committees, the Executive Board adopted the formal policy that all meetings of Standing Committees of the UCLA Division of the Academic Senate are “closed” meetings, open only to current committee members (including all duly-appointed student representatives and ex-officio members), assigned Senate staff, and invited guests as determined by each committee chair. Campus Counsel has advised the Division that Senate meetings are not subject to the Brown Act, and are correctly considered closed meetings.