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Executive Board


The Executive Board coordinates and reviews actions and proposals from Senate committees and administration. Consults with and advises the Divisional Chair on all matters, including issues brought to attention from outside the Senate’s or administration’s formal structures. Acts on all matters, except legislation, in the name of the Los Angeles Division at times when the Legislative Assembly cannot readily be convened or when haste is required.


  • Eleven voting faculty members -- 8 at-large members elected for two-year terms from Senate faculty by the Legislative Assembly; 3 elected for three-year terms by and from Senate faculty (elected as Senate Vice Chair, succeeding to Chair, then to Immediate Past Chair).
  • Five ex-officio, faculty members -- appointed for one-year terms as Chairs of the Graduate Council, Undergraduate Council, Council on Planning and Budget, Faculty Welfare Committee, and the Committee on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.
  • Two student representatives -- 1 undergraduate and 1 graduate appointed by their respective student government associations (votes reported separately).


  • Academic Senate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Special Committee
  • Campus Response to the Climate Crisis Special Committee
  • Endowed Chairs Subcommittee
  • Future of Instruction Task Force

Interactions with Administration: The Executive Board meets as needed with administrators. Including regular briefing from the Executive Vice Chancellor and Vice Chancellor for Finance & Budget.

The Executive Board meets twice a month during the academic year, and on an as needed basis in summer months.

Senate Chair: Jessica Cattelino (2022-23),

Senate Executive Director: April de Stefano, 

Administrative Analyst: Adriana Rosalez,