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Changing Legislation of the UCLA Academic Senate

What is Legislation?

The term "legislation" means only Bylaws and Regulations of Senate agencies. [Systemwide Bylaw 85]

What is Modification of Legislation?

The phrase "modification of legislation" means enactment of new legislation and amendment or repeal of existing legislation. [Systemwide Bylaw 85]

  • Modification of Divisional Bylaws requires two-thirds affirmative vote of the voting members present. [Divisional Bylaw 120(C)]
    • Extension of Voting Privileges to Non-Emeritae/i Faculty requires at least a two-thirds majority vote by those faculty entitled to vote. [Systemwide Bylaw 55.C]
  • Modification of Divisional Regulations may be modified with the approval of a majority of the voting members present. [Divisional Bylaw 120(C)]

All votes of senate agencies require the participation of a quorum of the voting members. [Systemwide Bylaw 32] The Committee on Rules and Jurisdiction exercises formal supervision over all modifications to Divisional legislation proposed by other committees or by members of the Division prior to action by the Legislative Assembly. [Divisional Bylaw 100(B)(1)]

What is Quorum?

A quorum is the number or proportion of the members of an organization that must be present at a meeting in order to transact business legally. Bylaws should state the number or proportion of members that constitutes the quorum. In the absence of such a provision, parliamentary law fixes the quorum at a majority of the members. [Sturgis 4th edition, p111]

Can Non-Senate Faculty Vote on Bylaws or Regulations?

Only members of the Academic Senate may vote in Senate agencies and their committees when those agencies or committees are taking final action on any matter for the Academic Senate, or giving advice to University officers or other non-Senate agencies in the name of the Senate. Persons other than Senate members may be given the right to vote on other questions, such as those that involve only recommendations to other Senate agencies, but only by explicit Bylaw provisions. [Systemwide Bylaw 35]


When will the Legislation go into Effect?

Following each Legislative Assembly, the Secretary of the Division will produce a "Notification of Actions" memorandum listing action items from the meeting along with a report of their vote. [Divisional Bylaw 140(B)] Proposed legislation that received at least two-thirds affirmative vote of the voting members present will go into effect ten instructional days after the Notification of Actions is published, if no petition is received. [Divisional Bylaw 155(B)(2)