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Senate Leadership


Shane White

Summary of Service


Vice-chair and chair of the Academic Senate of the University of California, 2016-18. Vice chair & chair of the University Committee on Planning and Budget (UCPB), 2014-16; the University Committee on Faculty Welfare (UCFW), 2008-10; UCFW's Task Force on Investment and Retirement (TFIR), 2011-13. Chair, UC Non-Discrimination in Health Care Task Force, 2019. Ex-offico membership of all systemewide standing committees, 2016-18. Representative UCLA Senate service includes: Faculty Welfare Committee (FWC) 2004-2011, four-time chair; Executive Board 2007-09; CPB 2011-14; CAP 2018-19. Representative UCLA School of Dentistry Service includes chair of APA and MILA promotion committees, and the Curriculum Committee.


Member: UCOP Executive Budget Committee 2018-19; President Napolitano’s Advisory Group (PAG) 2018; Task Force on Health Sciences Conflict of Interest Policy 2017-18; UC Budget Framework Initiative (BFI) Workgroup (BFI) 2016-18; Systemwide Library & Scholarly Information Advisory Committee (SLASIAC), 2016-18; Innovative Learning Technology Initiative (ILTI) Steering Committee, 2016-18; Academic Planning Council (APC) 2015-18; Technology Transfer Advisory Committee (TTAC) 2014-16; UC Education Abroad Program (UCEAP) Governing Committee 2014-16. UCLA School of Dentistry Section of Endodontics, chair 2002-04.


Faculty Representative to the Board of Regents, 2016-18; member of Academic & Student Affairs Committee, Compliance & Audit Committee, National Laboratories Subcommittee, Finance and Capital Strategies Committee, Public Engagement and Development Committee, Investments Subcommittee. Senate representative to President Yudof's 2009-2010 Task Force on Post-Employment Benefits (PEB), President Napolitano's 2015-16 Retirement Options Task Force (ROTF), and President Napolitano’s 2018 Retiree Health Working Group. Vice chair and chair of the UC Retirement System Advisory Board (UCRSAB), 2011-15. Service separately provided to institutions of The State of California.


Challenging times place a premium on knowledge of the institutional environment, its values, history, policy and process. UCLA’s challenges are the Senate’s challenges. A recently completed a term as UC systemwide Senate chair has given me the necessary insights and relationships to help optimally position UCLA in a time of leadership transition, future budgetary uncertainty, and controversy. The Senate must effectively provide its unequaled expertise and experience to the administration. While shared governance is a distinctive and successful part of UCLA culture, it must be actively and collegially engaged with transparency, through consensus-building, and with the maintenance of trust. To maximize institutional quality and advancement, the campus must be united. The chair and vice chair must facilitate and promote the incredible talents of the entire Senate body to best address the future. Since being a 4-time UCLA Faculty Welfare chair in the 2000s, I have been one of the UC Senate’s leading voices on faculty welfare and budgetary issues – our lifeblood. Service on UCLA’s FWC, CPB, CAP, Assembly, and its Executive Board, etc., have provided broad institutional knowledge. As systemwide Senate chair, I worked successfully to achieve the largest increase to the salary scales in a quarter century; maintain threatened active and retiree benefits; increase faculty diversity; improve admissions processes through the work of BOARS; and provide stability during crisis. As Senate chair and Faculty Representative to the Board of Regents, I engaged the Board and the leaders of the State, linking our institution to the public good. I am committed to working in partnership with the administration to make difficult strategic decisions to improve access and increase quality in our teaching, research and service. UCLA is the Nation’s preeminent public research university campus; my feet are firmly planted on UCLA’s ground as a teacher, scholar, servant, and graduate.

Vice Chair/Chair-Elect

Jody Kreiman
Professor in Residence
Head and Neck Sugery and Linguistics

Summary of Service


Committee on Library, 2001 – 2004; Committee on Diversity and Equal Opportunity, 2004 – 2007 (Chair, 2005-2007); University Committee on Affirmative Action and Diversity, 2005-2007; Alternate UCLA representative, University of California Academic Assembly, 2006 – 2007; UCLA representative, University of California Academic Assembly, 2007-2011; Committee on Library and Scholarly Communication, 2011-2014 (Chair, 2013-2014); Committee on Academic Freedom, 2014-2017 (Chair, 2015-2017); University of California Committee on Academic Freedom, 2015-2017; Committee on Charges, 2017-2020 (Chair, 2018-2020). Academic Senate Service Award, 2019 (inaugural award).


Curriculum Committee, Division of Head and Neck Surgery, 1995-2003; Appointments and Promotions Committee, Department of Head and Neck Surgery, since 1997; Space Policy Task Force, UCLA School of Medicine, 2013; Head and Neck Chair Search Committee, UCLA School of Medicine, 2017; Executive Review Committee, Department of Head and Neck Surgery, since 2018; Strategic Planning Committee, Department of Head and Neck Surgery, 2018; Executive Advisory Committee, Department of Head and Neck Surgery, since 2018; various faculty search and promotion committees.


Chancellor’s Advisory Group on Diversity, 2005-2007; Grievance Advisory Committee, 2018-2020.


In these days of cascading crises and uncertainty of every kind, it is essential that faculty remain actively involved in both the University’s short-term responses to emergent problems and in longer-term planning efforts.  Through my many years of Senate service I have come to appreciate the importance of shared governance, but also the fragility of our role in governance.  Particularly in times of crisis, our rights and responsibilities can easily be undermined, and our voice diminished amid the press of problems and the need for timely action. As Vice-Chair/Chair Elect, I will do my best to protect our voice in campus governance, in belief that increased input from faculty can only enhance the University’s ability to address the challenges that confront us. 

Immediate Past Chair

Michael Meranze

Summary of Service


Academic Senate Service: Member Faculty Executive Committee, College of Letters and Sciences (2008-2011); Chair, Faculty Executive Committee, College of Letters and Sciences (2011-2013); Member, Council of Faculty Chairs (2011-2013); Member, Gold Shield Faculty Prize (2012); Member Executive Board (2014-2016); Member Council on Planning and Budget (2016-2017); Academic Senate Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect, 2018-2019. 


Member, Graduate Affairs Committee (2006-2007); Member, Chair’s Advisory Committee (2007-2009); Member, Academic Personnel Committee (2009-2011, 2014-2016); Member Undergraduate Affairs Committee, 2014-2015; Chair, Graduate Awards Committee (2010-2011); Chair, By- Laws Committee, 2014-2016; Member Graduate Admissions Committee, 2017-18; various Promotion Committees.


Member, UCLA Center for 17th and 18th Century Studies Faculty Advisory Committee (2006-2011, 2016-2017); UCLA Center for 17th and 18th Century Studies, Selection of Ahmanson-Getty Fellows (2007-2008); Member, UCLA Center for 17th and 18th Century Studies, Fellowship Committee; Member Chancellor's Technology Development Corporation/Group Oversight Committee, 2016-2018.


I think it essential to the campus’s future that faculty concerns and knowledge be central to UCLA’s current planning efforts. UCLA is facing a series of critical challenges. Over the next several years, the campus will be implementing new strategic plans for our development and likely witnessing changes in administrative leadership. As one of the world’s great research universities, UCLA will have to confront the uncertain status of Federal funding for research at the same time that it needs to secure and expand its research infrastructure. UCLA will also have to deepen our commitment to the intellectual futures of an increasingly diverse student body and State of California while responding to increasing student demands. These challenges raise fundamental material questions concerning faculty size, student enrollment, and physical plant. They also demand a strong vision that places the academic life of the campus and the multiple responsibilities of the faculty—in teaching, research, and service—at the heart of the way that the UCLA community debates its future and represents itself to the wider community. If the University is going to flourish in the future, it can only be by building upon the tremendous teaching and research energies that lie at the heart of UCLA’s educational project. Having served as Chair of the College of Arts and Sciences FEC, and a member of the Divisional Executive Board and the Council on Planning and Budget, I have a keen appreciation of the tremendous capacities of our diverse and distinguished faculty. I have worked with faculty across the campus in the College of Letters and Sciences and in the professional schools. I have also worked with the leadership of the systemwide Academic Senate. During the last decade I have researched and written on UC’s transformations and am working on a co-authored book on the history of UC since the financial crisis. UC has a long and distinguished history of shared governance; it is our responsibility to make certain that that tradition continues and is not swept aside in the interests of superficial efficiencies. As Vice-Chair and subsequently Chair, I will work to ensure that the faculty’s authority over the educational process and our consultative roles in administrative and budgetary matters are brought to bear forcefully on planning for the campus’ future. I would like to serve because of my conviction that the University operates best when the faculty’s considered voice has genuine impact on university governance.

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Past Chairs

2018-19 Joseph Bristow English
2017-18 Sandra Graham Education 
2016-17 Susan Cochran Public Health - Epidemiology
2015-16 Leo Estrada Public Affairs/Urban Planning
2014-15 Joel Aberbach Political Science
2013-14 Jan Reiff History & Statistics
2012-13  Linda Sarna Nursing  
2011-12 Andrew Leucther Psychiatry 
2010-11 Ann Karagozian Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering   
2009-10 Robin L. Garrell Chemistry
2008-09 Michael Goldstein Public-Community Health     
2007-08 Elizabeth Ligon Bjork  Cognitive Psychology
2006-07 Vivek Shetty Dentistry - Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
2005-06 Adrienne Lavine Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
2004-05 Kathleen Komar Comparative Literature
2003-04 Clifford Brunk Organismic Biology, Ecology & Evolution
2002-03 Duncan Lindsey Social Welfare
2001-02 John Edmond Biological Chemistry
2000-01 Stephen C. Yeazell Law
1999-00 Donna L. Vredevoe Nursing
1998-99 Vickie Mays Psychology
1997-98  Chand Viswanathan  Electrical Engineering
1996-97  Aimée Dorr Education
1995-96  Charles Lewis Medicine
1994-95  Judith L. Smith Physiological Science
1993-94 Carole Goldberg-Ambrose Law
1992-93 Archie Kleingartner Management
1991-92 Seymour Feshbach Psychology
1990-91 David Kaplan Philosophy
1989-90 Sidney Roberts Biological Chemistry
1988-89 Charles Berst English
1987-88 Sydney Finegold Medicine
1986-87 David Chapman Biology
1985-86 Fred Massarick Management
1984-85 William Dignam Obstetrics & Gynecology
1983-84 Kenneth Trueblood Chemistry
1982-83 Murray Schwartz Law
1981-82 Samuel Aroni Architecture & Urban Planning
1980-81 Daniel Kivelson Chemistry
1979-80 David S. Maxwell Anatomy
1978-79 A. Theodore Forrester Engineering/Physics
1977-78 Florence Ridley English
1976-77 Raymond Orbach Physics
1975-76 Elwood Buffa Management
1974-75 Moses Greenfield Radiology
1973-74 David Wilson Political Science
1972-73 George Abell Astronomy
1970-71 Benjamin Aaron Law
1968-69 Lowell Paige Mathematics
1966-68 Thomas L. Jacobs Chemistry
1964-66 Robert E. Holzer Geophysics
1962-64 John S. Galbraith History
1960-62 Earl L. Griggs English
1958-60 Foster H. Sherwood Political Science
1956-58 Franklin P. Rolfe English
1954-56 Martin R. Huberty Agriculture
1952-54 Francis E. Blacet Chemistry
1950-52 James A. C. Grant Political Science
1949-50 Carl Epling Botany
1948-49 Gordon S. Watkins Economics
1947-48 E. Lee Kinsey Physics
1946-47 Vern O. Knudsen Physics
1945-46 Franklin P. Rolfe English
1944-45 Albert W. Bellamy Biology
1943-44 William G. Young Chemistry
1942-43 Robert W. Hodgson Agriculture
1941-42 Sigurd Hustvedt English
1940-41 George E. Sherwood Mathematics
1939-40 Kate Gordon Moore Psychology
1938-39 Waldemar Westergard History
1937-38 Bennett M. Allen Biology
1936-37 Sigurd Hustvedt English
1934-36 William C. Morgan Chemistry
1933-34 Ernest C. Moore Education/Philosophy

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Senate Staff Directory


Please note: All Academic Senate staff are working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please contact staff by email.

Academic Senate Office

University of California, Los Angeles
3125 Murphy Hall
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1408
Phone: (310) 825-3851

Conference Room Reservations here.

ACADEMIC Senate Staff

Organizational Chart

Executive Director

April de Stefano
Phone (310) 206-3803

Council of Faculty Chairs (CFC)
Executive Board
Legislative Assembly (LgA)
Committee on Rules & Jurisdiction (CR&J)

Administrative Assistant


Provide administrative support for:
Graduate Council (GC)
Program Review 
Undergraduate Council (UgC)


Principal Policy Analyst
(Graduate Programs)

Estrella Arciba 
Phone (310) 825-1162

Committee on Data, Information Technology and Privacy (CDITP) - Temporary
Graduate Council (GC)
Interdisciplinary Education Ad Hoc Committee
Program Review


Principal Policy Analyst
(Research, Planning and Budget)

Elizabeth Feller
Phone (310) 206-2470

Committee on Emeriti Affairs (CEA) - Temporary
Council on Planning & Budget (CPB)
Council on Research (COR)
Committee on Development (COD)
Council on Academic Personnel (CAP) - Secondary
Faculty Welfare Committee (FWC) - Temporary

Administrative Assistant

Lena Hoang
Phone: (310) 825-3851 

Faculty Research Lectureship (FRL) - Temporary
Provide administrative support for:
Council of Faculty Chairs (CFC) 
Council on Planning & Budget (CPB)
Council on Research (COR)
Executive Board

Administrative Assistant

Diana Landin

Provide administrative support for:
Council on Academic Personnel (CAP)
Committee on Charges
Privilege & Tenure (P&T)

Policy Analyst

Taylor Lane Daymude
Phone: (310) 825-8199

Committee on Academic Freedom (CAF)
Committee on Data, Information Technology and Privacy (CDITP) - Temporary
Committee on Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (CODEI) - Temporary
Committee on Rules & Jurisdiction (CR&J)
Interdisciplinary Education Ad Hoc Committee
Program Review

Senior Policy Analyst

Emily Le
Phone: (310) 825-3315

Committee on Continuing and Community Education (CCCE) - Temporary
Committee on International Education (CIE)
Graduate Council Diversity Fellowship
Self-Supporting Graduate Professional Degree Programs (SSGPDP) 

Principal Policy Analyst
(Undergraduate Programs)

Aileen Liu
Phone (310) 825-1194

Intercollegiate Athletics Committee (IAC)
Interdisciplinary Education Ad Hoc Committee
Program Review
Undergraduate Council (UgC)

Principal Policy Analyst
(Judicial and Personnel)

Marian McKenna Olivas 
Phone (310) 206-2469

Committee on Emeriti Affairs (CEA) - Temporary, Secondary
Council on Academic Personnel (CAP)
Committee on Charges
Faculty Welfare Committee (FWC) - Temporary, Secondary
Grievance Advisory Committee  (GAC)
Privilege & Tenure (P&T)

Senior Policy Analyst

Renee Rouzan-Kay
Phone (310) 206-2070

Committee on Committees (ConC)
Committee on Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (CODEI) - Temporary, Secondary
Committee on Library & Scholarly Communication (COLASC)
Committee on Teaching (COT)
Committee on Undergraduate Admissions & Relations with Schools (CUARS)

Senior Policy Analyst

Annie Speights

Committee on Data, Information Technology and Privacy (CDITP)
Committee on Continuing and Community Education (CCCE)
Committee on Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (CODEI)
Committee on Emeriti Affairs (CEA)
Faculty Research Lectureship (FRL)
Faculty Welfare Committee (FWC)

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