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Senate Service

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Committee Service

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For more information on any of the Standing Committees of the Academic Senate, please review the committee's page.

Please know that the Committee on Committees (ConC) will do its best to accommodate your choices for Academic Senate service, although, in times of great need, you may be asked to serve on a committee that you did not indicate a preference for. We will keep your choices on file for the academic year, and, should your expertise be needed, a member of ConC will contact you if vacancies occur. If your choices change within this academic year, please feel free to submit a new entry.

Serving on a Standing Committee

Participation as a member of a Senate Standing Committee provides an opportunity to stay informed, advise, and set policy directions at UCLA.

From faculty welfare, child care, retirement, and capital programs, to undergraduate and graduate curricula, Senate members discuss, debate, and influence the direction of UCLA on issues brought to the committees from across campus.

Serving on the Legislative Assembly (LgA)

For a broader perspective at UCLA, consider representing your department or program within the LgA.  LgA representatives review and vote on campuswide policies, bylaw changes, and new programs.

You can voice your department's opinion on these proposals and state how a proposal will impact you and your constituency.

You will also be expected to report back to your department on discussions and actions of the LgA.

Representing UCLA Systemwide

For an even broader perspective of the UC system, consider representing UCLA on the systemwide Academic Assembly: a representative body made up of Senate faculty from all ten campuses.

There are more than twenty other systemwide committees as well; each with at least one representative from UCLA. Please refer to this list of UCLA Divisional and UC Systemwide Senate Committees.

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Student Representatives

Student representatives are appointed by the Undergraduate Students Association Council (USAC) and Graduate Student Association (GSA) to provide student perspectives on the issues discussed by various Senate committees. Student representatives serve in an advisory capacity, participate in committee open session deliberations, and have the right to cast advisory votes on some Senate business. Student representatives may also work with the committee analyst to introduce potential agenda items for the chair’s consideration.


Rights, Responsibilities and Best Practices

  • Represent multiple student constituencies and groups.
  • Attend regularly and participate in committee meetings.
  • Present student perspectives on agendized topics during open session.
  • Treat all confidential materials with discretion.
  • Consult with the committee analyst to introduce agenda items.
  • Access committee materials in advance of meetings.
  • Serve in an advisory capacity to the Academic Senate.
  • Have the privilege of the floor, to give their opinion on open session topics.
  • Have the right to cast an advisory vote on recommendations to Senate entities.
  • Do not cast an advisory vote on recommendations to non-Senate entities.
  • Do not cast an advisory vote on final actions.

Navigating DMS – Finding Committee Materials

As a student representative, you will have access to the agendas and materials for committee meetings via UCLA’s Academic Senate’s Data Management System (DMS).

Committee Appointments

USAC and GSA will share a roster of appointed student representatives with the Committee on Committees (ConC) Analyst.

Note: Only appointed student representatives may attend committee meetings. If the appointed representative is unable to attend a meeting, they cannot send a replacement. If a student is unable to continue serving on a committee, a replacement appointment should be made for the remainder of the term in accordance with USAC or GSA appointment procedures.

Contact ConC Analyst, Renee Rouzan-Kay, .


Academic Senate Office

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Academic Senate Membership

Senate Membership was determined through the Regents Standing Order 105.1.

Senate Members

  • Professor
  • Professor In Residence
  • Professor of Clinical “X”
  • Acting Professor
  • Associate Professor
  • Associate Professor In Residence
  • Associate Professor of Clinical “X”
  • Acting Associate Professor
  • Studio Professor (In Residence)
  • Assistant Professor
  • Assistant Professor in Residence
  • Assistant Professor of Clinical “X”
  • Instructor
  • Instructor In Residence
  • Lecturer with Potential Security of Employment
  • Lecturer with Security of Employment
  • Sr. Lecturer with Security of Employment
  • The President
  • All Vice Presidents
  • All Deans
  • All Provosts 
  • The Chancellor
  • All Vice Chancellors
  • The Registrar
  • The University Librarian
  • Directors of Academic Programs
  • All Emeriti who held any of the above titles

Non-Senate Members

  • Adjunct Professor
  • Visiting Professor
  • Clinical Professor* (compensated)
  • Adjunct Associate Professor
  • Visiting Associate Professor
  • Associate Clinical Professor* (compensated)
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor
  • Acting Assistant Professor
  • Visiting Assistant Professor
  • Assistant Clinical Professor (compensated)
  • Lecturers without Security of Employment
  • Visiting Senior Lecturer
  • Adjunct Senior Lecturer
  • Associate Researcher
  • Researcher

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