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Council on Research (COR)

Council Charge

It is the responsibility of the Council on Research (COR) to consult regularly with the Vice Chancellor for Research and with the various Directors within the research administration as required, to advise on issues pertinent to the faculty research mission. It is the mandate of the COR to advise the Chancellor and inform the Division concerning (a) faculty perspectives on issues pertaining to the research mission at UCLA and the University of California; (b) campus budgetary needs for support of research and support of research infrastructures, policy, and strategy regarding the pursuit and acceptance of such support; (c) promotion and coordination of multidisciplinary research and collaborative work among faculty; and (d) policies governing acceptance of extramural funding. COR meets once a month during the academic year.

The Council on Research is charged with (a) formulating Senate general guidelines for review of Organized Research Units (ORUs) and make recommendations to the Vice Chancellor for Research based on ORU review reports; (b) maintaining formal liaison with relevant Senate committees, such as the Graduate Council and the Council on Planning and Budget; (c) establishing policies and procedures governing the allocation of funds within the purview of the Faculty Grants Program, for the conduct of research and for travel to attend scholarly meetings; and (d) the Chair of COR shall coordinate the conduct and activities of the Faculty Grants Program. Lastly, it is the function of the COR to evaluate and inform the Division (UCLA Academic Senate) of these policies and procedures.

Interactions with Administration. While COR's primary interaction is with the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research, the council also seeks out the expertise and assistance of other administrative offices and advisory committees which support research at UCLA.


  • Ten voting faculty appointed by the Committee on Committees and confirmed by the Legislative Assembly for a term of up to 5 years.
  • Vice Chancellor for Research, ex officio
  • Two student representatives, 1 graduate and 1 undergraduate
  • Chair and Vice Chair appointed by the Committee on Committees and confirmed by the Legislative Assembly

The Council on Research meets monthly during the academic year.

Faculty Grants Program. The Faculty Grants Program (FGP), a COR subcommittee, consists of 14 members appointed by the Committee on Committees (ConC) and confirmed by the Legislative Assembly for up to 3 years. The FGP subcommittee reviews and makes recommendations on applications submitted by eligible faculty for research funding. 

COR Chair: Alapakkam Sampath,

Council Analyst: Elizabeth Feller,