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Privilege and Tenure (P&T)

Committee Duties

The Committee on Privilege and Tenure (P&T) has jurisdiction over all matters affecting the privilege (professional rights) and the tenure rights (use of procedures and permissible criteria in personnel cases) of members of the Los Angeles Division (Bylaw 95 and SBL 334). The Committee normally meets every other week during the academic year.


P&T has the responsibility of receiving complaints or grievances by members of the Academic Senate (and in some circumstances by non-Senate faculty members) when they believe that their rights or privileges have been violated and attempting to find resolutions. Grievances may be concerned with alleged procedural irregularities in the academic personnel process, violation of academic freedom, violation of the right to participate in departmental governance, or harassment for protected categories or for arbitrary or personal reasons. P&T  procedures aim at early resolution of grievances.

Grievance Overview

Academic Personnel Grievances Academic Personnel Rights FAQs

Shared Governance Rights FAQs

Grading Grievances

The UCLA Academic Senate grading regulations, assign the Committee on Privilege and Tenure the responsibility of reviewing grading grievances. Undergraduate and graduate students may grieve grades or evaluations only on the grounds that they were assigned for other than academic reasons. 

Grading Grievances Overview

Formal Hearings

P&T has authority over the formal hearing process. All formal hearings are chaired by a current member of P&T. Systemwide bylaws govern formal hearings.

Grievance Hearing: Bylaw 335§D

Disciplinary Hearing: Bylaw 336 

At UCLA, probable cause is recommended by the Charges Committee before a case is referred to a disciplinary hearing.

Charges Process


If a case is under review by P&T, the Committee approves any settlements negotiated by the Vice Chancellor. See Appendix XII§8 "Rules Governing Settlements"

The Committee on Privilege and Tenure consists of:
  • At least nine faculty members, including one member from the Law School
Members are appointed by the Committee on Committees and confirmed by the Legislative Assembly for up to 3 years. The Chair is also appointed by the Committee on Committees and confirmed by Legislative Assembly.
The Committee meets every other Thursday afternoon (as needed).
Interactions with Administration
P&T primarily interacts with the Vice Chancellor for Academic Personnel, as the Chancellor’s designee, but may also interact with other administrators as needed to request remedies. At UCLA, as throughout the University of California, faculty grievances about the conduct of personnel process, as well as alleged violations of the Faculty Code of Conduct are adjudicated under a system of “shared governance.”

2023-24 P&T Chair: Diana Messadi,

Committee Analyst: Marian McKenna Olivas, (310) 206-2469,