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Council of Faculty Chairs


Created in 1995, the CFC is made up entirely of elected faculty leaders, and is a unique vehicle for communicating between Schools, the Senate and its constituents, and the administration and the faculty. Thus, the formal and informal responsibilities of the CFC are broad and flexible according to the changing needs of the campus and the faculty.

The types of responsibilities the CFC has embraced include enhancing communication between the various Schools; disseminating information from the administration or the Senate to the faculty; vetting possible consequences of University-wide policies; and providing Campus-wide administration access to all professional Schools and the College and vice versa. The Council has recently become most active in reviewing and providing input into the budget for each School and the College. The CFC has helped the Schools to establish a sense of community among independent faculties.


  • Chairs of the Faculty Executive Committees (FECs) of all twelve Schools, and FEC representatives from each of the 4 divisions of the College of Letters & Science.
  • Divisional Senate Chair
  • Divisional Senate Vice Chair
  • Chaired by the Divisional Chair

Interactions with Administration

Faculty Chairs work directly with their respective Deans and/or Provosts. The CFC meets as needed with administrators.

Senate Chair: Andrea Kasko (2023-24),

Senate Executive Director: April de Stefano, 

Administrative Analyst: Adriana Rosalez,