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Committee on Committees (ConC)


The principal charge of the Committee on Committees (ConC) is the nomination, selection, and --- subject to Legislative Assembly approval --- appointment of the Chair, Vice Chair, and all non-ex officio members of each standing committee of the Division. It annually appoints the alternate representatives and half the allotted number of representatives to the Statewide Assembly of the Academic Senate. It also designates committee representatives and nominates chairs to Statewide standing Senate committees. ConC often suggests members for joint Senate/Administration Committees. It also advises the Administration on faculty nominees for search and review committees.


  • Nineteen faculty members, elected by and from each of sixteen voting groups of approximately equal Senate membership, and three at large members.
  • Members generally serve a three-year term beginning September 1.
  • Members elect their Chair.

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The Committee on Committees typically meets 5 to 6 times per quarter on alternate Thursdays of the month from 3:30 to 5:00 p.m.

The duties of the members of the Committee on Committees fall into three main areas:

  • Responsible for the selection of Chair and staffing of committees for which they serve as liaisons.
  • Communication of knowledge about Senate members in their constituency.
  • Contribution to the discussion and decisions of the Committee on Committees for the formation of ad hoc committees

Selection Criteria:  The Committee on Committees selects committee members according to such criteria as faculty expertise, faculty preferences for committee service, academic unit representation needs, and academic excellence.

Interactions with Administration:  Each year the Committee on Committees is asked by the Chancellor's Office for slates of members of the Academic Senate to serve on a variety of search and review committees.  Detailed guidelines for the generation of such slates were established in March 1986.  See Appendix XIV of the Los Angeles Divisional Manual. 

MOU between ConC and Vice Chancellor for Academic Personnel

ConC Chair: Yi Tang,

Committee Analyst: Renee Rouzan-Kay,