VOTING FOR 2018 is no longer open

Balloting period closes on May 25, 2018, 5:00 PM, for Vice Chair/Chair Elect and Committee on Committees Members. 

Annual Elections

The Annual Divisional elections occur in time for relevant results to be reported to the Division in the Spring quarter.

Conduct of Elections

The Elections Commissioner supervises elections for the Los Angeles Division and certifies results to the Secretary of the division, who reports the results at the last Legislative Assembly Meeting of the year in Spring quarter.  

Elections Commissioner

Professor Thomas Schwartz, Political Science

Senate staff contact

Valeria Dimas       310.206.3802  |  vdimas@senate.ucla.edu
Eric Malmquist      310.825.3854  |  emalmquist@senate.ucla.edu

Spring 2018 Election Schedule 

Notice of Election                                                                                                                                  April 11, 2018
Nominations due for Vice Chair/Chair Elect, Executive Board, and Committee on Committees Members          May 2, 2018
Voting opens for Vice Chair/Chair Elect and Committee on Committees Members          May 9, 2018
Close of elections for Vice Chair/Chair Elect and Committee on Committees          May 25, 2018
Notice of Legislative Assembly Meeting sent with election results and Executive Board nominees          May 31, 2018
Legislative Assembly Meeting and Election of Executive Board Members          June 7, 2018


Nomination requirements and forms

All required documents and endorsements must be received by the end of the nomination period, 5:00 p.m. PST, May 2, 2018.