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Updated Instructional Adjustments

Academic Senate

 Graduate and Undergraduate Councils

To: All Academic Personnel, Administrative Officers, Deans, Department Chairs, Directors, Vice Chancellors and Vice Provosts

Dear Colleagues:

In light of the evolving situation on campus, the Graduate and Undergraduate Councils met on Friday, May 3, 2024, and authorized the following amendment, effective immediately, to the instructional adjustments issued earlier this week:

  • Authorize faculty to continue to conduct courses in remote modality at their discretion through Friday, May 10 (Week 6), without the need for departmental authorization. However, faculty are encouraged to return to in-person instruction as soon as is feasible.
  • Require faculty to return to in-person instruction for courses scheduled as such starting Monday, May 13 (Week 7). In order to continue remote instruction for in-person classes in Week 7 and beyond instructors must seek departmental authorization, per the existing Undergraduate Distance Education and Graduate Distance Education policies.

When campus operations are “limited” as listed on Bruins Safe Online under recent updates, the Councils:

  • Authorize remote instruction to continue.

As a reminder, instructors maintain customary discretion and autonomy to adapt courses, assignments, and midterm exams to extenuating circumstances, while honoring Academic Senate regulations and departmental policies as well as ensuring equitable access for all students.

As the situation continues to evolve, the Academic Senate may authorize additional adjustments or provide further guidance as necessary.

We appreciate your continued efforts to support instruction and foster a productive learning environment for all students during this time.


Brooke Scelza
Chair, Graduate Council

Catherine Sugar
Chair, Undergraduate Council


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