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Instructional Adjustments During Campus Disruptions

Academic Senate

 Graduate and Undergraduate Councils

To: All Instructors

Key takeaway:

  • The Undergraduate and Graduate Councils have authorized temporary remote instruction in response to violent protests on campus. The Councils may authorize additional adjustments as the situation evolves.

Dear Colleagues:

The Administrative Committees of the Graduate and Undergraduate Councils held a special meeting on May 1, 2024, in response to recent disruptions caused by protests on our campus.

We are distraught by the violence that unfolded on campus last night.

Peaceful protest is fully compatible with experiencing a UCLA education, and indeed free speech is a core UCLA value.

The Administration makes decisions about whether or not campus operations will remain normal. The Councils have authority over instructional adjustments. To ensure the well-being of our students moving forward, the Administrative Committees voted on behalf of the Councils to authorize the following:

  • If campus operations are listed as limited, the Councils authorize and require in-person courses to pivot to remote instruction.
  • If campus operations are listed as normal, all classes that can go remote should do so on Thursday, May 2 and Friday, May 3. Beyond this date when campus operations are listed as normal, the Councils authorize faculty to continue to conduct courses in remote modality at their discretion for the remainder of Spring quarter on an emergency basis, without the need for departmental authorization. (Note that this is an exception to the existing Undergraduate and Graduate Distance Education Policies.) Instructors must inform their departments and students in advance regarding their plans. Courses and labs that cannot easily pivot to remote instruction may continue to meet in person at the instructor’s discretion.

Instructors maintain customary discretion and autonomy to adapt courses, assignments and midterm exams to extenuating circumstances while honoring Academic Senate regulations and departmental policies as well as ensuring equitable access for all students. Instructors seeking support may wish to reference remote teaching resources in Bruin Learn or attend daily office hours provided by the Teaching and Learning Center in partnership with ITS.

The above provisions are in effect assuming that the situation on the ground remains stable. The Councils may authorize additional adjustments as events evolve. The Academic Senate may provide guidance regarding other academic adjustments and final exams later as necessary.

We encourage instructors to extend flexibility, kindness and understanding to students and colleagues who may be impacted during this challenging time. The BeWellBruin website provides a list of support services for students. We appreciate your continued efforts to support our academic mission for all students.


Brooke Scelza
Chair, Graduate Council

Catherine Sugar
Chair, Undergraduate Council


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