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Fall 2022 Policies for Instruction

Academic Senate


Graduate and Undergraduate Councils

To: Faculty and Department Chairs


What you need to know:

  • Please see the corrected version of last week’s memo regarding Fall 2022 policies for instruction, which clarifies what and when approvals are necessary.

Dear Colleagues:

Classes for Fall 2022 will be held in person. The following exceptions toonsite instruction in Fall 2022 have been authorized by the Graduate andUndergraduate Councils of the UCLA Academic Senate:

Allowable Exceptions to Onsite Instruction

  • Instructor ADA or COVID-19 Related Accommodations or Workplace Adjustments approved through Insurance and Risk Management.
  • During time periods in which indoor masking is either recommended or required by either UCLA or Los Angeles County, department chairs are authorized to allow courses involving foreign language instruction to be taught via synchronous, remote instruction for the duration of the University or County recommendation or requirement only. This exception applies only to language courses, and no scheduling justification request is required in such cases.

  • Fall 2022 courses should be offered in the modality that was indicated to students when they registered. For example, an in-person course cannot be switched to online or hybrid after students have enrolled.
  • Requests to create online versions of existing courses or propose new courses in online format should follow the procedures outlined in the Undergraduate Fully Online Course Approval Policy (PDF) and in the Graduate Distance Education Course Approval Policy (PDF). Online courses must be approved prior to publication in the Schedule of Classes.
  • Per existing policy (PDF), departments may approve undergraduate courses in “hybrid” format without additional Senate review, prior to when courses are listed in the Schedule of Classes and students begin enrolling. “Hybrid” in this context is defined as at least 1 hour of pedagogically significant in-person contact with the instructor of record per week. Graduate hybrid courses require Senate approval.
  • Students with documented disabilities will be provided appropriate and reasonable course accommodations per the recommendations of the Center for Accessible Education, in a collaborative process involving the instructor.

The Councils will continue to reassess the need to extend exceptions to onsite instruction beyond Fall 2022, on a quarter-by-quarter basis.


James Bisley
Chair, Graduate Council

Kathy Bawn
Chair, Undergraduate Council


Download this BruinPost (PDF) Here