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Academic Guidance for Instruction During the Middle East Crisis

Academic Senate


To: All Instructors 

Dear Colleagues:

The escalating violence in the Middle East is having a significant impact upon the UCLA community, with students, faculty and staff experiencing strong feelings of anger, pain, anxiety, loss and more.

In this difficult moment, we urge instructors to extend flexibility, kindness and understanding to students, TAs and colleagues who may be deeply impacted.

We also wish to share a set of resources that may be useful to you in the days and weeks ahead:

Finally, recognizing that the challenges of the current moment affect all of us as well, we encourage instructors to monitor their own well-being and reach out to the Staff and Faculty Counseling Center if needed. 

We thank you for your ongoing efforts to support instruction in this difficult time.


Brooke Scelza
Chair, Graduate Council

Catherine Sugar
Chair, Undergraduate Council

Andrea Kasko
Chair, Academic Senate

Kathy Bawn
Vice Chair/Chair Elect, UCLA Academic Senate

Jessica Cattelino
Immediate Past Chair, UCLA Academic Senate


Download this BruinPost PDF Here.