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Academic Senate Advocacy for Faculty Salary Increases

Academic Senate


To: Senate Faculty

Dear Colleagues:

Academic Senate faculty will receive a 4.6% salary increase for 2023–24, albeit as of October 1. While it had been announced previously that Senate faculty members would receive this raise only on the scales (base salary), the Academic Senate advocated strongly for the inclusion of the “off-scale” salary component. I am happy to report that, as you likely saw in a recent email message from Vice Chancellor for Academic Personnel Michael Levine, the 2023–24 faculty salary plan includes a 4.6% increase to the off-scale and above-scale salary components. We know you deserve more, especially in light of the extraordinary commitments so many faculty have made to teaching, research, and service in recent years, and also in the context of recent higher-percentage salary increases for other UCLA academic employees. We also recognize that concerns remain about equity in off-scale and above-scale salary components. And so, the work continues.


Jessica Cattelino
Chair, UCLA Academic Senate


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