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A Message from Academic Senate Leadership

Academic Senate


To: Academic Senate Faculty 

Dear Colleagues:

Recent events that transpired on our campus deeply dismayed and disappointed many faculty, staff, students and alumni. We question the series of decisions that ultimately led to a violent mob assaulting our students, faculty, staff and alumni for hours on Tuesday night. The mass mobilization of police force on Wednesday night to disband the encampment, and the subsequent increased police presence on campus since then, are disturbing to many. As a university, UCLA should be a place that offers all in our community the freedom to live, learn and work without intimidation or violence. The right to peaceful protest must be upheld. We all deserve better than what we witnessed and experienced last week.

In the Senate, we have been consistently advocating for forbearance and free speech with the Administration. The Graduate and Undergraduate Councils released guidance on instructional adjustments. We continue to listen to our faculty colleagues who hold a wide range of views about the evolving situation on campus. A special meeting of the Legislative Assembly is being scheduled for later this week.

Many of you have already shared your experiences with us. We welcome you to reach out to us at any time with your experiences and concerns. Senate Chair Andrea Kasko will hold her monthly "office hours” on Tuesday, May 7, from 10:30 a.m. to noon via Zoom.

Best wishes,

Andrea M. Kasko
Chair, Academic Senate

Kathy Bawn
Vice Chair/Chair Elect, UCLA Academic Senate

Jessica Cattelino
Immediate Past Chair, UCLA Academic Senate


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