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Committee on Rules and Jurisdiction (CR&J)

Committee Charge

The Committee on Rules and Jurisdiction (CR&J) exercises formal supervision over all proposed modifications to Divisional legislation prior to Legislative Assembly action; advises the Senate Chair as to whether proposed legislation is solely of Divisional concern; edits and publishes the Manual of the Los Angeles Division of the Academic Senate; makes editorial and conforming non-substantive changes in Divisional legislation; advises the Division, its officers, committees and faculties in all matters of organization, jurisdiction, and interpretation of legislation of the Division; issues legislative rulings interpreting the Code of the Los Angeles Division of the Academic Senate; hears challenges to any action of a Divisional committee alleged to be contrary to the Code of the Academic Senate or to the manual of the Division; and reviews and reapportions the voting constituencies represented on the Committee on Committees.

Membership: The committee consists of three members, appointed by the Committee on Committees and confirmed by the Legislative Assembly for a term of up to three years; one of whom serves as chair.

Interactions with Administration: The committee meets as needed with administrators. 

AY23-24 CR&J Chair: Shane White,

Analyst: Lori Ishimaru,