Conference Room Reservations

Our Rooms:

3135 Murphy Hall - Seats 16 to 18 at the table with no additional chairs in the room.

1215 Murphy Hall - Seats 20 at the table with a maximum capacity of 25.

*The main contact attending the meeting, of the requesting department, must submit the completed form below. An email will follow the request to confirm if the slot is available.


  1. Academic Senate business meetings will take precedence in occupying the rooms, if the necessity arises.
  2. The rooms are only available for reservation during normal business hours: Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm.
  3. The main contact will check-out the conference room key in 3125 MH no more than 15 minutes prior to the reserved meeting time. 
  4. Keys must be returned promptly to 3125 MH after the reserved meeting time.
  5. When requesting a time slot, please include the necessary prep/clean-up time.
  6. Food and beverages must be removed upon the end of each reservation.
  7. Both rooms have built-in projection capabilities and phone lines. However, supplemental equipment such as laptops, polycom phones, speakers, and microphones must be provided by the requesting department.
  8. Spills and breakage must be reported to 3125 Murphy Hall immediately.
  9. Conference rooms must be locked with lights turned off when no longer in use.

Please Note:

You cannot check out the key before 8 AM.

If your meeting ends at 5 PM, the key must be returned prior to 5 PM.

If you are inquiring about multiple dates and times, please email us at

The Academic Senate appreciates your cooperation!