Diversity Education Governance Committee

UCLA is sending undergraduates out into a diverse and complex world. We want them to be leaders, so it is our responsibility to help them get the education they need to succeed. There is substantial evidence that a diversity-related curriculum brings considerable value to students and the campus. The Diversity Requirement creates a structure that gives TAs, Faculty, and students tools for this and an infrastructure that articulates the value we place on this aspect of the students’ education.

History of the Diversity Requirement 

The College Diversity Requirement was passed in April 2015 after an all-campus vote of Senate faculty. Starting in Fall 2015, all incoming first-year students were required to fulfill the requirement; transfer students were held to the requirement beginning in fall 2017. At the time, there were two committees charged with implementing the requirement: the Diversity Initiative Steering Committee, and the Diversity Requirement Ad-Hoc Committee. As of February 15, 2018, the Diversity Education Governance Committee was created and charged with all matters pertaining to diversity education at UCLA. Please see the documents posted in the Reports section below for reference. Additional information, including an annotated bibliography of diversity research, can be found on the CCLE site for the College Diversity Initiative.

How is Diversity Defined?

The charge to the ad hoc Faculty Committee that developed the requirement was that the goals of the requirement should emerge from an expansive view of diversity. As part of the process, the ad hoc Faculty Committee sought input from a student advisory group, considered the UCLA Principles of Community and the recent Campus Climate Survey report, and received feedback from the College Faculty Executive Committee and the Undergraduate Council. This process resulted in the first criterion for fulfilling the proposed Diversity Requirement:

Courses must substantially address conditions, experiences, perspectives, and/or representations of at least two groups using difference frames that include but are not limited to race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, religion, disability, age, language, nationality, citizenship status and/or place of origin.


The Diversity Education Governance Committee (DEGC) advises the Undergraduate Council (UgC) and the Dean of Undergraduate Education on all matters pertaining to Diversity Education at UCLA. 

  • The Committee defines the values and purposes of diversity education at UCLA. 
  • Provides clear guidelines and procedures for the development of diversity courses.
  • Reviews and recommends to the UgC diversity credit for all courses transmitted by the College and professional school Faculty Executive Committees to satisfy diversity requirements.
  • Reviews and recommends to the UgC suspension or rescission of diversity credit for courses which are found to no longer align with diversity education principles and practices.
  • Conducts periodic self-reviews and evaluations of UCLA’s diversity education curriculum.
  • Advises the UgC and members of the administration on the development, implementation, and assessment of programs for faculty development and TA training in the area of diversity studies and diversity in the classroom which may include recommending/developing orientation and training sessions as well as conferences, symposia, and workshops.


Committee Membership

  • Seven faculty members (six of whom are external to the Undergraduate Council’s membership): a Chair, one member of the Undergraduate Council, and five Senate Faculty members representing the College and other schools that admit undergraduate students. 
  •  Three non-voting members: two non-Senate faculty and one undergraduate student member.

Diversity Course Submission Guidelines

Before submitting course proposals, please review the Diversity Course Guidelines.  

To propose a new course for Diversity credit, please submit the Course Information Sheet and complete packet of course materials as a single PDF to the Undergraduate Council Analyst, with a cover letter addressed to the Chair of the Diversity Education Governance Committee.

Final approval from the Undergraduate Council is required before a course is certified with Diversity credit. Departments, Counselors, and the Registrar’s Office are notified upon approval by the Undergraduate Council.