Faculty Research Lecturer


The purpose of the annual UCLA Academic Senate Faculty Research Lecture is to accord Senate members the high recognition that is their due, and further to give faculty, students, and the citizens of the UCLA community an opportunity to understand the scholarly achievements and points of view of those whom we honor.


In the beginning, the selection of the research lectures was the charge of the Advisory Committee on Research. After the first five recipients were chosen, the duty was transferred to a special committee on the Faculty Research Lectureship whose membership is made up of past lecturers. Since 1986, two lecturers have been named every year to deliver public lectures; one in the Fall and one in the Spring quarter of the succeeding academic year.


Nominees shall hold the rank of Full Professor.


In reviewing many exceptional nominees, the Committee on Faculty Research Lectureship gives primary consideration to:

  • Extraordinary achievements in research
  • Ability to present a lecture of interest to a broad community of scholars and, in general, to a cultivated public

The Judging Process

The Committee on Faculty Research Lectureship comprised of seven previous Faculty Research Lecturers will assess the nominees.

All nominees will be evaluated in one cycle of three weeks duration between March and April. Members of the Committee will read all the files and rate each candidate. The full Committee will meet in late April to discuss the merits of the candidates and cast votes to name the two lecturers.

Entry Steps

  1. Login using your UCLA ID. Select the Awards tab. Select Faculty Research Lectureship Award.
  2. UPLOAD A NOMINATION LETTER. This letter is critical. It should describe what makes the candidate eminent as a research scholar.
  3. UPLOAD A CURRICULUM VITAE AND INCLUDE A BIBLIOGRAPHY. The judges need a full presentation of the candidate's education, lectures, awards, publications, and other significant contributions. Priority should be given to activites that focus on research and presentations made to a cultivated public.

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PLEASE NOTE: All nominations are submitted online via the UCLA's Academic Senate website. Please do not submit paper copies. 

Entry Instructions

The nomination period will open on Monday, October 29, 2018. 

All nominations are due on the Monday, March 4, 2019 by midnight.

  • A nomination may be made by any UCLA faculty member as well as department chairs
  • Self nominations will not be accepted
  • Only one submission per nominee

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The following materials should be submitted for re-entries:

  • An updated curriculum vitae
  • An updated bibliography
  • A new nomination letter for the 2018-19 program

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