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The Academic Senate is one of the distinctive organizational elements of the University of California – a feature that distinguishes it from other major research universities. Codified by the UC Regents in 1920, the Academic Senate is the vehicle through which faculty share in the operation and management of the university. UCLA’s contemporary practice of consultative decision making and shared governance reinforces the notion that faculty are at the heart of the academic enterprise of teaching, research, and public service and critical to maintaining the quality of the university’s academic program. The Senate is delegated authority over such matters as degree and enrollment requirements and program establishment, disestablishment, and review.  It also has a formal advisory role in academic personnel actions and a myriad of other matters. The Academic Senate’s efforts derive from the premise that the university’s excellence cannot be sustained without faculty, administration, staff, and students all making substantive contributions to the university in an involved, respectful, and collaborative fashion.

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