Section 3. General Provisions for Committees and Faculties

50. Faculties of Schools and Colleges
(A)The membership of each Faculty is determined by the Bylaws of the Los Angeles Division and includes the following persons:
  (1)The President of the University
  (2)The Chancellor
  (3)The Dean of the college or school
  (4)All members of the Division who are members of departments assigned to the college or school
  (5)Such other members of the Senate as are specified in Divisional Bylaws 160 through 184 (Membership of Faculties).


Voting in Faculties is limited to members of the Academic Senate. [See Divisional Bylaw 5]

Subject to the supervisory and coordinating powers of the Divisional Committee on Rules and Jurisdiction and to the provisions of Divisional and University Senate legislation, each Faculty is authorized to organize, to select its officers and committees, and to adopt procedural rules and regulations. The Dean of the college or school is an ex officio member of the Executive Committee of the Faculty but is not eligible to serve as Chair of the Faculty except in Faculties of colleges and schools which are substantially coincident with departments of the same name. The Chair of the Faculty and members of the Executive Committee are selected by the Faculty. Elections by Faculties of schools and colleges are conducted by the appropriate secretary in accordance with Divisional Bylaw 150.

(1)The government and supervision of each college and school at Los Angeles is vested in the Faculty concerned. Except as provided in Regental Orders, all graduate study and higher degrees are administered in accordance with the rules and coordinating powers of the Graduate Council.
(2)Each Faculty is directly responsible to the Division and may report to it. Faculties may present proposals for modification of Divisional and Senate legislation to the Legislative Assembly. The Division or the Assembly of the Academic Senate may from time to time impose specific duties on a Faculty.
(3)A Faculty may delegate portions of its authority to its committees or executive officers.
(4)In individual cases of minor adjustments in the requirements for the Bachelor's degree, a Faculty may approve petitions of students to graduate under suspension of Divisional Regulations.
(5)Final responsibility for approving on behalf of the Los Angeles Division the award of degrees, certificates, and Honors at Graduation rests with the Faculty concerned, or with the Graduate Council in the case of higher degrees. This duty may be delegated to a committee or administrative officer. The list of persons approved for degrees or credentials is filed with the Secretary of the Division by the Registrar.
(6)In the exercise of its jurisdiction over scholastically disqualified undergraduate students, a Faculty may suspend the regulations regarding dismissal, or specify conditions for such suspension, and may permit students dismissed under these regulations to return to the University.
(7)Agencies and administrative officers empowered by a Faculty to exercise its authority to administer or suspend regulations regarding graduation and scholastic disqualification shall report periodically to the Faculty concerning the discharge of their responsibility.