Travel Grants Instructions & Guidelines

  • Senate faculty are eligible to receive one Conference or one Intercampus Exchange Program grant per fiscal year.  

  • Estimate of airfare costs to travel destination must be provided.  The award amount covers economy/coach airfare only. Fees incurred because of changes in flight plans or cancelled airline reservations are not covered by this grant. Allowable expenses are airfare, baggage fees, and carbon mitigation fee. Domestic carbon mitigation fee is $9.00 and Internation carbon mitigation fee is $25.00.
    • Domestic: maximum allowable award is $700 (Effective 07/01/2015) (be sure to add your carbon mitigation fee of $9.00) 
    • International: maximum allowable award is $1,350 (Effective 07/01/2015) (be sure to add your carbon mitigation fee of $25.00) 
    • Domestic for International: maximum alloable award is $700 (Effective 07/01/2015) (be sure to add your carbon mitigation fee of $25.00) 
  • Approval of the applicant's Department Chair is required.
  • Submission deadlines for Conference Travel & Intercampus Exchange Program:
    a. Domestic Conference Travel & Intercampus Exchange Program:  
         at least 10 working days prior to the travel date.
    b. Foreign (Conference Travel only):  
         at least 30 working days prior to the travel date.

    • To submit for reimbursement, please utilize the UCLA Travel Express system (log-in required). The FAU to charge will be provided once the Senate office receives confirmation of your approved application. Please select the Travel Grant Coordinator (listed below) as the reviewer upon submitting the expense report.
    • Please submit the reimbursement within 21 days after completion of travel.
    • An application must be submitted prior to travel date. Requests for reimbursement via a travel grant after the trip has begun or been completed will not be considered.
    • Coverage at the International travel amount is permitted every other year. 
    • All travel is subject to University of California travel policy
    • For information on university travel policy, please contact the Travel Accounting office or reference the UC G-28 Regulations.
  • For all questions regarding conference travel grants, please contact:
    Valeria Dimas
    , 310-206-3802 (