Conference Travel Grants

cnsi openingConference Travel Grant

Eligibility.  All members of the Academic Senate, including emeriti and those on sabbatical leave, may apply. Support will be granted for participation in a maximum of ONE conference or meeting of scholarly societies per fiscal year (July 1 - June 30) per individual, subject to availability of funds.  Click here for listing of Faculty Eligibility.

Criteria for Travel Support.  Support will be granted for the personal presentation of results of original research and/or creative activity at conferences and meetings of recognized scholarly societies.  Support is given for oral and poster presentations.  The chairing of sessions, panels and symposia, or participation as a discussant may qualify for support if, in addition to the actual application, separate, written justification explaining how that specific form of participation is representative of and will be beneficial to the applicant's research is supplied. 



The Council on Research will only accept and review applications that provide a copy of the abstract of the paper to be presented, and one of the three items:

  1. Invitation to participate;

  2. Acceptance of paper for presentation;

  3. Photocopy of preliminary program listing participation.

Funds may NOT be used for the following purposes:
  • Lectures or other forms of presentation whose primary purpose is to teach students at other educational venues;

  • Support request for trips already taken;

  • Field Research.

Amount of Travel Support. The award amount will cover only the roundtrip airfare cost from Los Angeles to the City/State/Country in which the conference is being held.  An award may not exceed either the Advanced Purchase coach fare on the route, or the maximum award amount established each year by the Council on Research, whichever is less. Effective 07/01/2015, current maximum travel awards are $1,350 (airfare, baggage, and carbon mitigation fee $25.00) for International and $700 for Domestic (airfare, baggage, and carbon mitigation fee $9.00), with International travel awards being allowed only every other year per traveler.