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110.Uniformity of Procedures. All agencies of the Los Angeles Division shall adhere to the procedures specified in Chapter V whenever these procedures are applicable as determined by the Divisional Committee on Rules and Jurisdiction.
115.Definitions. The following definitions apply to all matters within the jurisdiction of the Los Angeles Division:
 (A)Bylaws: The term bylaw denotes statements which define the source of authority, membership, powers, duties and organization of the Academic Senate, the Division and its various agencies. In essence they are a constitution for the Senate and its component parts and express the philosophy and purpose of academic self-government and participation by the faculty in the administration of the University as stipulated in The Standing Orders of the Regents.
 (B)Regulations: The term regulation denotes statements implementing the application of the Bylaws to such University matters as admission and degree requirements and the authorization and supervision of courses within the jurisdiction of the Academic Senate. Divisional Regulations may not modify nor conflict with Senate Bylaws or Regulations.
 (C)Legislation: The term legislation denotes Bylaws and Regulations of a Senate agency.
 (D)Modification of Legislation:  The term modification of legislation  denotes enactment of new legislation and amendment or repeal of existing legislation.
 (E)Day: The term day denotes a day of instruction unless the contrary is specified. A specific exception is made for notices of meetings of the Division and the Legislative Assembly. For these notices, all calendar days from the beginning of the fall term to the end of the spring term are counted; however, after a holiday or academic recess, only emergency meetings of the Division or the Legislative Assembly may occur before the third day of instruction.
 (F) Memorial to the Regents:  The term memorial designates a declaration or petition addressed to the President for transmission to the Regents. [See Divisional Bylaw 145(A) and Senate Bylaws 311 and 90(B)]
 (G)Memorials to the President: The term resolution designates a declaration or petition addressed to the President but not intended for transmission to the Regents. [See Divisional Bylaw 145(B) and Senate Bylaws 310, 311 and 90(A)]
 (H)Division: The term Division denotes the body which incorporates the entire membership of the Academic Senate at Los Angeles. [See Divisional Bylaw 5(A)]