Chapter IV. Organization

Section 4. Standing Committees

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Title 2. Executive Board
The Executive Board consists of the Chair and Vice Chair of the Division who are Chair and Vice Chair of the Board; the immediate past Chair; eight at-large Senate members, four elected each Spring by the Legislative Assembly, for staggered two-year terms; the Chairs of the Graduate Council, Undergraduate Council, Council on Planning and Budget, Faculty Welfare Committee, and the Committee on Diversity and Equal Opportunity as ex officio voting members (serving only for the duration of their respective term as chair, or two years, whichever expires first) and, as representatives, the Academic Affairs Commissioner and the Graduate Commissioner of Academic Affairs. At all times, at least four of the eleven elected members shall hold appointments in the College of Letters and Science.[Am 14 Mar 89, 11 Jun 91, 10 Nov 92, 25 Apr 95, 28 May 96, 6 Apr 04, 07 Feb 07, 07 Apr 16]
(1)is empowered to act upon all matters except legislation in the name of the Los Angeles Division at times when the Legislative Assembly cannot readily be convened or when haste is required. The Board shall thus act in the name of the Division only when, in its judgment, the action is urgently advisable before the Legislative Assembly can be convened. All such actions must be reported to the Legislative Assembly at its next succeeding meeting; and the Assembly possesses the right to amend or rescind such actions in the same manner in which it may amend or rescind action adopted at preceding meetings of the Assembly itself. During an academic recess, the Board may act provisionally for the Division on all matters except legislation. Such action is subject to confirmation by the Legislative Assembly at the first regular or special meeting following the recess.
(2)consults with and advises the Chair of the Division. When appropriate the Board advises the Chair in matters requiring the coordination of budgetary decisions, academic programs and policies, educational resources, and the general welfare of the UCLA community. In the execution of this responsibility, the Division charges the Executive Board with giving due consideration to studies and reports of the Division and its committees and sets down as Board policy an open door practice in which chairs of committees are to be consulted in matters regarding their respective jurisdictions; correspondingly, chairs of committees should inform the Board well in advance of any significant changes of policy that their groups have under active consideration. The Board may refer questions to appropriate committees, or to special ad hoc committees it may select when necessary. [Am 25 Apr 95]
(3)with due attention to equity among and uniformity within committees, determines compensation and released time, including any summer ninths, for Senate service out of a pool of resources negotiated annually between the Chair and the Chancellor or the Chancellor's designated representative. [En 7 Mar 95]

Any vacancy on the Executive Board, arising either from resignation or from a declaration by the Committee on Committees, shall be filled by the Legislative Assembly at its next opportunity. [En 25 Apr 95]