Chapter IV. Organization

Section 2. Representatives to the University Assembly

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Subject to confirmation by the Division, half the allotted number of Representatives and three alternate Representatives are appointed annually by the Committee on Committees. No ex officio member of the Assembly of the Academic Senate may be an appointed Representative. No one who is ineligible under Senate Bylaw 105 to serve as a Representative may be appointed as an alternate. The Chair of the Division shall designate one of the alternate Representatives to serve in the absence or disability of a Representative.

Any Representative to the Academic Assembly shall be an active Senate appointee or emeriti on recall.

Should a Representative become emeriti (not on recall) during her or his term, she or he shall complete the term.

The Committee on Committees may appoint emeriti (not on recall) to the Academic Assembly on a case by case basis, after exception has been granted by the Executive Board. [Am 24 Apr 08]

The term is two years, beginning on September first following their appointment. No Representative may serve for more than two consecutive terms, but a Representative is again eligible after the lapse of at least two years following a second consecutive term.

Members represent the Division in the Assembly of the Academic Senate and report actions of the Assembly to the Division.