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10.(A)General Provisions
(1)The Los Angeles Division is possessed of all authority of the Academic Senate at UCLA not specifically delegated to the Assembly of the Academic Senate or to University Senate committees. Subject to the provisions of Divisional Bylaw 155(B), the Division delegates to the Legislative Assembly its authority to
 (a)establish Faculties in colleges and schools at Los Angeles;
 (b)submit recommendations to the University Academic Senate or to the Assembly of the Academic Senate regarding changes in Senate legislation; and
 (c)originate and take final action on legislation substantially affecting only the Los Angeles Division.
           Such legislation includes:
  (i)Bylaws, which define the source of authority, membership, powers, duties and organization of the Division and its agencies,

Regulations, which govern admission and degree requirements and the authorization and supervision of courses and curricula in all academic units under the jurisdiction of the Academic Senate at Los Angeles.

Legislation is subject to review by the University Committee on Rules and Jurisdiction for conformance with the Manual of the Academic Senate. [See Senate Bylaws 205 and 310(A)(3)
(2)The Legislative Assembly recommends to the President of the University all candidates for degrees who have completed the requirements for such degrees in a school, college or the Graduate Division.
(3)The Division and the Legislative Assembly are empowered to receive and consider reports and recommendations from Divisional and University committees of the Academic Senate, from individual members of the Senate, from the Faculties of colleges and schools located at Los Angeles, from local administrative officers, and from other Divisions. However, only the Legislative Assembly may enact, amend or repeal legislation.
(4)The Division or the Legislative Assembly may transmit resolutions on any matter of University concern directly to the President, with copies to the Assembly of the Academic Senate or such resolutions may be transmitted to the Assembly of the Academic Senate; for its consideration and concurrence.
(5) Memorials to the Regents on any matter of University concern may be originated by the Division or the Legislative Assembly, but no Memorial may be transmitted to the President for presentation to the Regents unless it has been approved by a mail ballot submitted to the voting members of the entire Academic Senate as provided in Senate Bylaw 90(B).
 (B)Curricular and Degree Changes. No change in the curriculum of a college or school at Los Angeles may be made by the Legislative Assembly until the matter has been formally considered by the Faculty concerned. A proposal by the Graduate Council for a new degree must be approved by the Legislative Assembly before transmittal to the Coordinating Committee on Graduate Affairs. A proposal to disestablish an undergraduate program or major must be voted upon by the Faculty of the school or college concerned; this authority may not be redelegated by the Faculty to another agency. Disestablishment shall be governed by the procedures of Appendix V. In all such matters, procedures set forth in the Manual of the Los Angeles Division of the Academic Senate shall be followed. [Am 11 Mar 86]
 (C) For the purposes of sections 45(c) (right of hearing), 55(A)(2) (representation in the Legislative Assembly), 65.2(a) (membership on the Graduate Council), 85(B) (membership on the Committee on Committees) 105 (definition of the Senate Electoral Committee), 150(C)(4) (conduct of elections for the Legislative Assembly), and 184 (membership in the faculty of the College of Letters and Science) of the Manual of the Academic Senate, a Center for Interdisciplinary Instruction shall be treated the same as a department. [En 7 June 94]