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5.(A)General Provisions. Members of the Los Angeles Division are: the President of the University, the Chancellor, the Vice Chancellors, Deans, Directors, Registrar, and Chief Librarian at Los Angeles, all officers of instruction at Los Angeles whose academic title entitles them, by Order of the Regents, to membership in the Academic Senate,* those Senate members holding Universitywide appointments who elect to enroll in this Division, and any other persons certified for membership by the Secretary of the Division in accordance with Divisional and Senate legislation. Membership does not lapse because of leave of absence or transfer to emeritus status.
 (B)Privilege of Instructors and Visitors. Instructors with less than two years service may not vote in meetings of the Division or its Faculties. Any members of the Academic Senate from other Divisions may attend meetings of the Los Angeles Division with the privilege of the floor, and may make motions, but may not second motions or vote. [See Divisional Bylaw 55(G) concerning Privilege of the Floor at Legislative Assembly Meetings.] Provision for the transfer of voting privilege to another Division is prescribed in Senate Bylaw 305.