Appendix IX

Council On Research 


The primary purpose of the Academic Senate Council on Research/Faculty Grants Program (COR/FGP) is to support the conduct of research by eligible faculty at UCLA.  FGP funds are intended to provide support for faculty academic research, and not to support other academic responsibilities such as teaching and university service. 


Criteria Used in Evaluating Proposals.  FGP funds are awarded competitively through a peer review process that examines:
 (A)     the merit and originality of a project

its potential to generate extramural funding
 (C)non-overlap with other research funding available to the investigator
 (D)the investigator's prior record of scholarly productivity in the use of FGP awards



Eligibility.  Only Academic Senate Faculty, including emeriti professors are eligible to apply.  Proposals submitted jointly by an eligible and ineligible co-investigator may be granted provided the eligible co-investigator has a bona fide involvement with the project.  No more than one proposal per Academic Senate member may be submitted in a fiscal year.  Research grants may be held while on sabbatical; research grants may not be held while on leave of absence without pay.


Application Process.  There is one granting period per year.  The submission deadline is 5:00 pm on the first Thursday in February. (Am 18 Nov 03)   


Budget Categories for Research Grant Funds   


Research Assistant (not to exceed the cost of a half time assistant for 12 months)   

Equipment (essential equipment dedicated to the research project)  

Expendable Supplies (e.g. chemicals, computer supplies, film, etc.)

Reprographics (e.g. photocopying)

Communication Expenses (FAX, telephone and mail directly related to the research project)

Field Expense (including limited travel and expense to acquire data; conference travel is not permitted)

Other Expenses (e.g. subject costs, computing costs, data analysis, etc.)


Funds are awarded for the period July 1 to June 30 of the following year, and must be expended during the period.  Unexpended funds will be returned to the Council on Research/Faculty Grants Program.

Guidelines for application and detailed instructions are put forth in the "Faculty Research Grant Application Submission Guidelines and Instructions" which is available from the Academic Senate Office (ext. 53853) or at website.


Research Travel to Meeting of Scholarly Societies

Eligibility.  All members of the Academic Senate including emeriti and those on sabbatical leave may apply.  Support will be granted for participation in a maximum of ONE conference or meeting of scholarly societies per fiscal year (July 1 - June 30) per individual, subject to availability of funds.

Criteria for Travel Support.  Research travel support will be granted for personal presentation at meetings of recognized scholarly societies of original research and creative activity.  Support is given for oral and poster presentations.  The chairing of sessions, panels, and symposia, or participation as a discussant is not eligible for support.  The FGP will only accept and review applications that provide written confirmation of the acceptance by the sponsoring organization of the applicant's participation.

Amount of Travel Support.  If approved, the awarded amount will equal the airfare cost from Los Angeles to the City/State/Country in which the conference is being held and the return to Los Angeles.  An award may not exceed either the Advanced Purchase coach fare on the route, or the maximum award amount established each year by the Council on Research/FGP, whichever is less.  Information regarding the current maximum amount any individual may receive in a given fiscal year is available from the Council on Research office.


Intercampus Exchange Program.
 Limited funds are available for support of intercampus exchange of academic senate members and advanced graduate students for study and research on other University of California campuses.  Grants may be made to assist with travel, living expenses and research costs.

Guidelines for application and detailed instructions for both of these programs are put forth in the “Faculty Research Travel Program Submission Guidelines and Instructions” which is available from the Academic Senate Office (ext. 53853) or at website.