Appendix V

Procedures for Transfer, Consolidation, Disestablishment, Discontinuance, and Suspension of Academic Programs and Units

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These UCLA procedures were established pursuant to the Systemwide Policy on Transfer, Consolidation, Disestablishment, and Discontinuance of Academic Programs and Units, dated September 19, 1979 and implemented by the Compendium entitled "A Proposal to Streamline and Expedite Systemwide Review Processes for Academic Programs, Academic Units, and Research Units" dated July, 1995.

For purposes of these procedures an academic program is defined as a sequence of courses and examinations leading to a degree; it does not include a concentration within a major, but it does include an established interdepartmental program. An academic unit is defined as a School, College, department or a division within a School, College, or department. It does not include an organized research unit.

The term "Appendix V action" refers to the transfer, consolidation, disestablishment or discontinuation of an academic program(s) or an academic unit(s), whether within a campus or from one campus to another. It also refers to the transfer or consolidation of two or more programs or units, whether within a campus or from one campus to another. It also refers to suspension, meaning a temporary interruption of a program or unit (an extraordinary step to be considered only in exceptional circumstances). It refers to a "major reduction" of budget or FTE (temporary or permanent) of a program or unit which constitutes a de facto Appendix V action. It also refers to a split or division of a program or unit into more than one part