Appendix III

Bylaws of the Graduate Council

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  1. The membership and duties of the Graduate Council are defined by Divisional Bylaw 65.2.
  1. The Chair and Vice Chair of the Graduate Council are selected by the Committee on Committees of the Los Angeles Division from among the appointed members.


  1. Meetings of the Council are ordinarily scheduled twice a month during the academic year, or at least once each quarter. The Council may meet at such other times as it may determine, or at the call of the Chair. [Am 13 Mar 90]
  1. Eleven members constitute a quorum. [Am 8 Nov 88]

Title I. Appointment and Tenure

  1.  Members of Standing Committees of the Graduate Council are appointed by the Chair and hold office for a term of one academic year and until successor committees are appointed thereafter. The Chair shall create committees and make appointments not otherwise provided for. [Am 8 Nov 94]

Title II. Standing Committees

  1.  Administrative. The Administrative Committee of the Council shall consist of the Chair and Vice Chair of the Council, Co-chairs of the Committee on Degree Programs, Chair of the Fellowships and Assistantships Committee and at least one other member, as well as the Dean of the Graduate Division, ex officio, without a vote. This Committee is delegated responsibility to vet first drafts of program review reports and to act for the Council as a whole as the need arises, subject to the rules of the Academic Senate and the Graduate Council. [Am 28 May 82, 06 June 2013]
  2.  Degree Programs. The Committee on Degree Programs shall consist of at least seven members and the Chair of the Council, ex officio. The charge of this Committee includes review and recommendation of graduate education policy matters; admission and enrollment issues; proposals of new fields of study; degree procedures and requirements; proposals for extensive changes to existing degree programs; and matters pertaining to courses of instruction. [Am 13 Mar 90, 8 Nov 94, 06 June 2013]
  3.  Graduate Admissions and Enrollment. [Deleted 13 Mar 90]
  4.  Fellowships and Assistantships. The Committee on Fellowships and Assistantships shall have full power to act for the Council on fellowship matters, and shall have the responsibility for recommending policy where teaching and research assistantships are involved.
  5.  Follow-up Committee.[Am 28 May 82; 13 Mar 90; Deleted 06 June 2013]
  6.  Instruction and Degree Requirements. [Deleted 13 Mar 90]
  1. All meetings of the Graduate Council shall be governed by procedures specified in Academic Senate Bylaw 135. [Am 8 Nov 94]
  1. Pursuant to Los Angeles Division Bylaw 65.2(B).(3), the Graduate Council is to conduct periodic reviews of each graduate program, normally at intervals not exceeding eight years. Each team reviewing a graduate program shall include no fewer than two members, at least one of whom must be a current member of the Graduate Council. Other Senate members may be asked by the Chair of the Council to serve on such review teams. The review will consist of three steps in which year I is a self-review by the department/interdepartmental degree program (IDP); Year II an analysis and further review of the department/IDP by the Graduate Council; and Year III a follow-up process. Programmatic reviews are coordinated with the Undergraduate Council and shall follow the procedures as specified in Appendix XVI. Changes to the Appendix will be recommended to the Legislative Assembly by the Graduate Council and the Undergraduate Council after consultation with the Council on Planning and Budget. [Am 8 Nov 94; 06 June 2013]
  1. The foregoing bylaws may be added to, amended, or repealed at any regular or special meeting by a two-thirds vote of all members present, provided that written notice of amendment shall have been sent to each member of the Council at least five days previous to the meeting at which the amendment is to be proposed. [En 8 Nov 94]