Appendix XV

Committee Procedures

These procedures and guidelines seek to improve the institutional memory, efficiency, and effectiveness of Senate committees. They apply to all standing committees, councils, and the Executive Board of the Los Angeles Division, unless the Executive Board determines that they should be modified in certain cases.

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The chair of each committee, or a member or Senate staff person whom the chair designates, shall maintain a Committee Operations File. The original of this file is to remain in the Senate Office and contain at least the following:

  1. A copy of the Senate bylaw governing the committee, this appendix, and divisional and statewide materials pertinent to the committee's operation;
  2. An outline of "Committee Operating Procedures" not explicit in the committee's bylaw, including standard agenda items, especially for the first and last meetings of each year and, if relevant, a list of subcommittees;
  3. A packet of "Summaries of Major Committee Issues" (see 2., below);
  4. A copy of the annual reports of the committee for the past five or more years.

At the conclusion of each year the committee chair provides for the Committee Operations File a brief summary of major issues engaged, resolved, or unresolved by the committee. This may be an abstract of portions of the committee's annual report, and may include personal notations or commentary. If the chair fails to provide this summary, it should be compiled by the vice chair or a Senate staff person prior to the next school year.

At the start of each year, copies of 1. a., b., the last five summaries of c., and the last three annual reports of d. in the Committee Operations File shall be provided to committee members who have not received these materials.

The agenda for the committee's first meeting of the year should include a review of the Committee Operations File. Former committee chairs or former members may well be invited for the review and for subsequent consultation if their participation would be helpful.

If the committee's workload is substantial and specific issues or areas require special attention, the committee is advised to consider appointing a vice chair and/or subcommittees.

Committees with ex officio members should observe that these persons may have primary responsibilities elsewhere. In this light, ex officio members may elect to serve either as full participants in the committee's activities or, less actively, as consultants.

Administrators and others may be valuable as consultants and guests, and committees are encouraged to invite their participation as necessary. Unless such persons are specified as ex officio members in a committee's bylaws, however, they should not be included as permanent guests at committee meetings, and when they attend it should be understood that the committee may convene in executive session without them. [Am 7 Nov 89]

If a member is inactive, the committee chair should consult with the member and, if action is necessary, contact the Committee on Committees for a replacement (at least for the following year).

Committee chairs are urged to recognize strong committee participation by writing letters of commendation for members who have served faithfully and well. Letters may be addressed to the member with a copy sent to the member's department chair, or to the department chair with a copy to the member. In either case, the chair should be asked to place a copy in the member's personnel file. The letters should include a brief summary of the matters engaged by the committee, and a citation of special contributions of the particular member. [Am 7 Nov 89]

To provide data for the recognition of their work, chairs of Senate committees, subcommittees, special committees, and task forces are encouraged to submit copies of their annual reports, and/or other non-confidential tangible results of the chair's efforts to their department chairs for inclusion in their personnel files. Such data should be prefaced with a statement that these materials are submitted in compliance with Appendix XV of the UCLA Academic Senate Manual. [En 14 Mar 89, Am 7 Nov 89]